“Roger Canaff works hard to promote understanding and collaboration
between law enforcement and other disclipines in the fight to end
violence against women.”

—Joanne Archambault, San Diego Police Department (Ret.)
Founder and Executive Director, End Violence Against Women, International

“In a cultural environment in which the challenges faced by victims at
trial are too often obscured or ignored, Roger Canaff brings an
informed, clear and much-needed voice to the table. Reasoned even as he
is impassioned, Roger’s insights as a former prosecutor help make the
law and its real-world implications more easily understandable to a wide
range of audiences. His is an important and, when necessary, provocative
perspective, one that challenges too often accepted stereotypes about
victims and the law.”

—Anne Ream, Author and Public Speaker
Founder, Voices and Faces Project
Chicago, Illinois

“Legal expert Roger Canaff has an incredible inner strength and determination to work with the most difficult predators in the world.  He is passionate and tireless in his mission to bring justice to those who have no voice. Roger’s work ethic and sense of duty are inspirational.”

—Dr. Belisa Vranich
Clinical psychologist, media personality and author
New York, NY

“As technological advances in forensic medicine increase, it is crucial for legal professionals to be fully prepared to utilize medical expertise and work productively with forensic medical professionals. Roger Canaff has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between law and forensic medicine, and works to promote understanding, collaboration and professionalism between these two groups. This furthers the cause of justice and better serves victims of sexual violence.”

—Linda E. Ledray, RN, Ph.D., SANE-A, FAAN
Director, SANE-SART Resource Service
Minneapolis, Minnesota