Among the Dead

When a beautiful and profoundly autistic boy is found hideously throat-cut in a Bronx row house, it’s his father, a callous and deceitful widower with gang ties, who emerges as the prime suspect.

Reluctantly catching the case is A.D.A. Alex Greco, himself the wounded father of an autistic son who died at age three. A relative newcomer to the challenging and often brutal world of New York’s toughest borough, Alex has been excelling in this environment for two years, rebuilding his shattered personal life and finding love again with a brilliant forensic psychologist, Dr. Nikki Jaynes. But Alex guards a horrific secret from his own past, and prosecuting Hector’s case will do more than re-open old wounds—it may tear apart his present life as well.

Teamed up with two savvy and colorful NYPD detectives, they build a strong case against the boy’s father, Norman Ruiz. But twists unfold as similarities are discovered by the Medical Examiner between Hector’s case and two recent adult murders, a fact which could exonerate Norman or make him a suspect in multiple homicides. Another murder shatters the case from the inside out. All the while, echoes from Alex’s own compromised past continue to reverberate, threatening everything he’s rebuilt as a case that now haunts him speeds toward its shocking conclusion.

Character driven, gripping and beautifully layered, this book is a page-turner, grabbing the reader quickly and then taking her or him deep into the struggles of autism, poverty, and grief, but also ultimately justice and abiding love.

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“A terrific book. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. It resonated with me after almost 30 years in law enforcement. Buy it. Everyone will soon be talking about it.”


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“This book drew me in from page one and I could not stop reading. Roger’s experience and knowledge of the courtroom and it’s proceedings really shines through in the book.”


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“The chapters go by so quick you will keep flipping until you are suddenly finished. The story is full of emotion and you will really relate to it if you are a parent, educator, or in law enforcement.”


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“Canaff has crafted an intriguing and original story with incredibly authentic characters that draws you in from the very first page..”


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