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Judge William Adams, A Camera, and the Power of Light

Roughly 2000 years ago an itinerant rabbi gave a sermon about light.  The right thing to do with a lamp, said the rabbi, was to let it shine, not put it under a basket.  That made sense in a time where light after sunset was a luxury; hence the parable.  And of course, in the spirit of parables, there are other forms of light, and other functions for what we know as light.  Light illuminates, and in so doing exposes.

In 2004, a remarkable young woman with a disability shined a light in the form of a video camera on the pathology, hatefulness and pure evil of a man who, until last week, had been a sitting judge in Texas. The video shows him, her father, beating her with a belt in a breathtakingly brutal way, over seven interminable minutes.

I am using words like “pathology” and “evil” distinctly, although as the study of psychology evolves, the difference between what we might call mental illness and what we have historically called evil are blurring in ways that make people like me- prosecutors, and arbiters of legal blame- uncomfortable.  But for now, I’m comfortable, perhaps recklessly so, with discussing the two separately.  I believe the man is probably sick.  I also believe he’s evil.

Millions have seen the video.  Millions more, thanks in part to the appropriate “trigger” warnings that have been associated with it, have demurred.  I watched every second of it, and more than once.  The video’s subject is my job, after all; I have seen things far worse, but in many ways I haven’t seen anything quite as naked and telling as this.  Because sometimes it takes a camera in the right place at the right time to truly expose what lies beneath far more facades of normalcy than most of us understand.  A camera won’t flinch. It won’t turn away. It will simply record with passive silence, and in situations like this one perhaps its growing ubiquity in our lives is a positive thing.  After all, it allowed a 16 year-old Hillary Adams to preserve something that is simply unbelievable to many- that a respected member of the judicial bench, a smiling, reasonable looking man, would nevertheless be capable of a vicious beating laced with profanity against a young girl with cerebral palsy.

You see, I have prosecuted and assisted with hundreds of cases where I knew the truth, but also feared I’d never be able to infuse a jury with the courage to convict. I never had proof like the kind Hillary possessed; the kind she had the wherewithal and technology to create.  And so doubt would creep in at the edges, doubt fueled by myths that protect men like William Adams and his now estranged wife.  Myths that whisper that couples like the Adams’ aren’t the types who could hurt a disabled child that way. Myths that education, privilege, community stature, the genetic accident of white skin, and other niceties can’t co-exist with methodological torture and wanton cruelty.  Myths like the one William Adams is selling right now, that the issue was really “discipline” and that what the video shows “looks worse than it is.”

Ah, but then sometimes, in blessed fashion, a camera shatters the myths; a camera placed by an intelligent and desperate child who has learned, as many family violence survivors do, to predict the escalation of hostilities that leads to violence.

So the video depicts exactly what occurred; it was Judge William Adams, community leader, outwardly decent parent, arbiter of justice, ripping into his child’s body with a lustful but eerily calm exuberance, armed with a leather strap. It was this man, uttering the word “f—king,” 14 times as he did so.

It was also Hillary’s mother, Hallie, whose participation was less violent but no less sickening.  I’m glad that she has repaired her relationship with her daughter, and that Hillary has forgiven her.  She’ll get nothing from me.  I understand that I am running afoul of many domestic violence experts who maintain that a battered woman can be rendered powerless over years of brainwashing and abuse to where her own violence or failure to protect her children cannot be attributed to her in terms of blame.  I am sympathetic to the dynamics that exist, and attribute the lion’s share of the blame to William Adams, where it belongs.  But I draw the line on anyone who fails to protect their own children, regardless of what they are facing in another relationship. Hallie Adams’ explanation on Today was, to me, less than impressive.  She calmly deflected blame by claiming victimhood herself and assigning an addiction to William.  I’m sure this is accurate, but it doesn’t give her a pass where I’m concerned. She’s clearly not the primary abuser in the nightmare world Hillary navigated for so long.  But she made choices that I cannot abide, and one of them was graphically showcased on this video with its own dose of profanity.

A five-year statute of limitations will likely protect both from criminal prosecution.  Adams’ judicial career might be over, which would perhaps be the most just event he’s been witness to since that career began.  There are many other ways to look at this case, Hillary’s courage and healing, and also the response to the video as Hillary is launched into a temporary but bright public spotlight.  I wish nothing more than for her to live a full and happy life unencumbered by the evil visited upon her.

For me, though, the deepest value of what Hillary did by placing a running camera on her dresser and a scarf over the tell-tale blinking red light, was to allow a robotic, impassive eye to simply witness what far too many believe to be impossible.  My friend and colleague Anne Munch once told me the story of a police chief in a small, idyllic Colorado town who was asked a typical ‘softball’ question by a reporter:  “So, is this town a safe place to live?”

Rather than giving the pat and expected answer, the wise chief apparently looked at the reporter evenly and said what I believe might be the most plainly accurate thing that can be said about literally any locality on the globe.

“It depends on who you live with.”


  1. Kristina Korobov says:

    This is so beautifully written – I wanted to light up afterwards. Thank you for taking the time to pen this!

  2. Roger
    Very well written! This is why I serve individuals with disabilities. As you and I know they are the most abused individuals on the face of the earth. I hope this will raise the level of awareness for those who serve victims of violence. Help to make people more aware of this by your influential words. Thank you. And yes I would LOVE to see this as our next feature article in On The Edge!

  3. Roger,
    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog about Hillary’s experience and her courage to share her story so openly. As you know, people with disabilities experience violence at alarming rates and all too often, are not believed. We have much work to do to break the silence that many people with disabilities endure. Thanks for your contribution to shed light on this horrific situation.

  4. Jennifer Flores-Lamb says:

    My son and I and my lawyer are also victims of Judge William Adams’ abuse and corruption. My child has been and continues to be seriously endangered because I didn’t have video tape to prove that he had been abused. Ironically, Judge Adams left open the option that my child was telling the truth (if video tape could be located). So, if there is not audio visual, this child’s mother and her lawyer are frivolous, groundless and baseless, but if there is a tape they can proceed with trial? The law does not say that it is groundless to believe a child.

    In Oct. 2010 seeking relief from the court, I presented evidence in Judge William Adam’s court and he totally ignored my child’s outcry of abuse by his father, and stated on the record, that unless I had video tape to prove otherwise that these allegations were frivolous. My child’s outcry was completely ignored without legal basis. Even worse, this judge retaliated against me and my lawyer for even bringing the situation to the court’s attention. Judge Adams was so far outside the law it was intentional. He was supporting and protecting his informal partners: a privileged group of “board certified” family law attorneys in South Texas (including William Dudley), another Texas Judge Bobby Galvan, and a police officer who is a relative to the child’s father (CCPD Sgt. Victor Uribe). All were specifically named by my son as participants in a scheme to induce him to lie about me in ways that could result in my imprisonment. In a plot to influence the child custody dispute, my ex-spouse along with these others attempted to induce a witness (my child) to lie about his mother, and falsely convict her of a crime. After just one hearing, and four days later–hours before he formally announced that he was recusing himself from my case (for reasons still unknown) Judge Adams’ signed several ex-parte “screw you” orders drafted by opposing counsel which sanctioned me and my lawyer severely for complaining about what happened, and we were also sanctioned because we subpoenaed evidence and witnesses that corroborated my child’s outcry. Worse, Judge Adams signed an order stating that the allegations were totally groundless, baseless and brought in bad faith, and that such pleadings on report of a 5 yr old child (who was nearly 6) without further investigation was bad faith. On the contrary, there was substantial investigation, evidence and the victim’s testimony to support the evidence was factually sufficient to support those findings. We had third party witnesses to corroborate what my child was saying and also a licensed child psychologist also testified that she interviewed my child and believed him. I have petitioned the Texas Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court to set aside these false orders and they refuse to reverse the judgment. My petitions to these higher courts are online: I encourage you to read (in re: Jennifer Flores-Lamb, 11-0044). I have been totally ignored. After just one hearing in this judge’s courtroom, the false orders that Adams signed caused irreparable damage which led to me losing primary custody of my now 7 year old little boy without just cause. He was taken forcefully and against his will on Feb. 2, 2011. Following the custody hearing, I had to attend another hearing in which sanctions were imposed. My ex-spouse received permission from the court to take custody of my son while I was still in court. I’m told by my sitter that my baby was hiding under the bed when his uncle came to pick him up; I didn’t even get to say good-bye or explain to him what was happening. It was devastating, and extremely traumatic to us both. I have been treated so badly by the court system out of pure retaliation and corruption. What I have been subjected to should be the next John Grisham book or at least the Twilight Zone. I love my son and I believe him and will never stop fighting for him, and for the truth and for justice. My son asks me when I do get to see him–when can he come home. Please help me get him back.

    A Pandora’s Box: My case has tremendous impact on every allegation of abuse of children in which a child’s testimony is no longer admissible (absent a video tape). This is bound to inspire a flood of litigation on behalf of imprisoned men and women put away based on a child’s testimony. The Court of Appeals and Supreme Court has effectively rendered the face value of a child’s testimony meaningless, void of United Nations clauses, and destroyed the rights of innocent victims of crime and abuse. It is generally irresponsible to disbelieve a child unless there is good reason not to.

  5. Roger Canaff says:

    Ms. Flores Lamb:

    First of all, thank you for your thoughtful comment, and I’m sorry you’re going through what you’re describing. I wish I could help in a real, practical sense, but I’m not ‘at bar’ in Texas and I don’t know the family law there well enough to give any meaningful advice. It sounds like you’re pursing the avenues you need to pursue (the Texas Court of Civil Appeals and the state supreme court) but I’m sorry those efforts have not yielded a favorable result. All I can tell you in this forum is to continue to be true to your child by doing all the things you’re doing- continuing to petition the courts, continuing to raise awareness of your case, and of course, continuing to follow whatever guidelines- however apparently misguided- that allow you to see your son and maintain contact with him.

    For what it’s worth, I agree with you that the compelling testimony of a child is and should be enough in any court of law, regardless of the level of proof required. I know of no jurisdiction where a child’s testimony (assuming s/he is found competent to testify) is not sufficient for a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt in (for instance) a sexual abuse case if the jury or judge finds it compelling enough. You’re correct (I believe) both morally and legally. A video-tape is NOT necessary to demonstrate abuse. It is helpful, but it is not a legal requirement (again) in any jurisdiction that I’m aware of. If judges are hesitant to rule based solely on a child’s testimony, no matter consistent and compelling, then they in my view should not be making those decisions.

  6. Jennifer Flores-Lamb says:

    Mr. Canaff,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and support. My case is so complicated because of the “high profile” people involved. In my opinion blame lies with the judges and the bar because they condone, support, and conceal the misbehavior of lawyers who are unethical and who operate with zero integrity. In essence, they participate in the abuse when they do nothing to stop it. There are many other good mothers and fathers like me who are victims of family law abuse. The children in these cases are ultimately the ones who suffer the most. If you try to defend yourself and your child(ren)-you are attacked and subjected to endless, caustic litigation. I was left homeless. Perhaps you or someone reading this can help even if indirectly in a positive way. Unfortunately, the wheels of justice often turn with who you know. I will continue in faith and with patience. I know that the Lord will mete out true justice as only he can and in his timeline. The truth will shine like a beacon of light for the world to see.

  7. M.Medrano says:

    Wow, I was actually there to witness the unbelievable injustice that was caused in Judge Adam’s court regarding the case of J.Lamb-Flores, but to read her words and the words of Mr. Canaff regarding the abuse of Judge Adams towards his handicaped daughter has put it all in perspective for me. While I am a true believer that what comes around goes around, it is still not a comfort for all those parents who because of the corrupt judicial system in South Texas, have had their children ripped from their hands and homes. The trial of J.Lamb-Flores was such an injustice, that none of the evidence that was crucial for the case was allowed as evidence for the jurors to hear and see. They were however allowed to witness the charades of the opposing lawyers and the family of the father of the little boy. It was literally like watching a Shakespearian play, only in this case they played on real people, one of those being a severely athmatic child, who truly needs his mother. While I am truly sorry for what happened to Judge Adams’ daughter, I am relieved to know that he will no longer be sitting on his false throne, supposedly as an advocate for children. He and his team of liars needed to be exposed. One down, 4-5 more to go.

  8. David Sibley says:

    These are the people involved in Jennifer’s case:

    Judge William Adams
    William Dudley
    Lanette JOubert
    William Kelly
    Judge Dick Alcala
    Judge Bobby Galvan
    Andrew Mata
    Texas Corpus Christi Police Victor Uribe
    Gracie (Court Manager for Judge William Adams)
    James Ehler
    The State Bar of Texas
    The Texas Judicial Conduct Commission
    Aransas County Constable “Doc”

    This list can be known as the Texas “Hall of Shame.”

  9. Roger Canaff says:

    This is wonderful, and thank you for posting it here. I think your technical analysis of what he did, coupled with the truly touching letter that unfortunately Williams Adams won’t write, is a great juxtaposition. Bravo- very well written.

    The only place I might disagree with you is where you seem to assume that what William Adams was doing in beating his daughter was sucommbing to rage or anger. Obviously he appears angry, and he “admits” to losing his temper. However, I’m not convinced that William Adams was enraged when he chose to beat his daughter. It’s darker and scarier, but I tend to think he’s just a sadistic man who beat his daughter under the guise of anger, but really because it’s just something he enjoyed doing. I know it sounds disturbing and even crazy, but it’s often the case. People are, sometimes, even more evil then we can comprehend or are willing to admit. Adams, to me, actually looks fairly controlled in that video, and I watched it several times as you obviously did. I take no joy in saying it, but I don’t think he has an “anger problem.” I think he has a deeper, more terrifying problem. He enjoys inflicting harm in order to control, terrorize, assert authority, etc. Or just because it gives him pleasure. I could be wrong, but many, many domestic abusers don’t have anger problems, and we do their victims and society no good when we send them to “Anger Management” or similar courses. What Adams needs, in my mind, is to be punished and kept away from anyone else he could possibly physically harm. I could certainly be wrong and if so I’m doing him a disservice as a more generally uncontrolled and sick man. But I wouldn’t assume that he was “just” acting out of rage in this video.

    Again, thanks and great job. I look forward to following you further.

  10. Roger Canaff says:

    Thanks, Ms. Flores-Lamb. I wish there was more that I could do, and I agree that ultimately we’ll all be judged as we’ve lived and treated others. It appears that you are not alone in having concerns regarding the systems in place in the area in question. Hopefully the case of Judge Adams and his daughter will ‘get the camel’s nose under the tent’ and allow for some reform to take place in a wider sense. Please keep me posted and again- thank you for your comment.

  11. John D. Barrera says:

    I dated Hilary’s mother Hallie for a little over a year. Please do not be fooled by her claims of being a victim. I knew her personally and please understand that no matter what the situation is Hallie has an uncanny ability to land on her feet as a victim.
    I suspected that she was using drugs because she slept an unusual number of hours during the day and had difficulty waking after full nights of rest. I later learned that she used Zanex regularly mixed with excessive amounts of alcohol. Perhaps this drug combination caused the “zombie like existence” and perpetuated the “brainwashing” that she now claims in her defense.
    Most importantly, I have witnessed her abusing her younger daughter (2009-2010)with what my boys and I called a “Hallie Spanking”. She has evolved her methods away from spanking with a belt (that I know) to a much crueler more secretive technique that she boasts can be utilized anywhere, especially in public. Hallie is a pianist and has extremely strong hands and very powerful and sharp fingers. When the little girl was perceived to be disobedient, Hallie would reach high up under her armpit and heavily compress and wrench the fire out of the little girl delicate underarm tissues. The little girls legs would buckle involuntarily and she would scream and cry in response to Hallie’s abusive technique. This area is highly invested with nerves, blood vessels,lymph, adipose tissue and other very delicate structures. Hallie boasted that in the likely hood of bruising, no one would see.
    In conclusion, Judge Adams, without question abused his older daughter in 2004 and for that he will pay a heavy price.But what also needs to come to light is that Hallie continues to abuse the youngest daughter still to this day. Perhaps one day the youngest daughter will post a video on the internet exposing the abuse that Hallie continues to deliver. In my opinion, Hallie is also in need of some serious, long term counseling.

  12. David Sibley says:

    John Barrera, anybody who would give compromising pictures of his ex-girlfriend to her ex-husband, does not have my respect. You are a disgruntled ex boyfriend. Because of your inexcusable conduct with respect to the pictures, I think everything you say is suspect.

  13. Loralie Uribe says:

    Child abuse is a terrible thing and it would be a perfect world if all children were equipped and astute enough to turn on a video camera to record an adult’s abusive conduct. It would certainly allow for allegations of child cruelty to be credible. I wish I would have had access to that type of technology as a child for I endured several instances of torment at the hands of my mother’s sister Maria (Mary, Mehri) Lamb Wallace. This woman who was supposedly a “loving aunt” frequently tortured me verbally, physically and mentally. I can recall several occasions in which she fed me hardboiled egg shells with water (calling it cereal in milk). As if that weren’t enough, she frequently enlightened me that my deceased father never loved me. Memories of my so called “loving aunt” are not so warm. One recollection forever embedded in my mind is that of an evening locked in a room with Jennifer and Mary, with a large kitchen knife under my pillow praying to God that I would live to see my mother the next day. That night was one of the most horrible evenings I have ever endured. Her then third or fourth husband was outside the door screaming and threatening to kill all of us. I was forbidden and never spoke to my mother about this incident or any other I suffered at the hands of her sister. However, by far my worst recollection is one of when I was about thirteen or fourteen and walked in on her and her husband Kenneth Wayne Wallace lying on my pink ruffled twin bed fondling one another with my bedroom door wide open. I have still to this day never in my life witnessed such atrocious and indecent behavior. As a teenager I thought wrong place wrong time. But my perspective as an adult is different, I realize now she and he may have had other intentions. For it is no family secret that her “current” husband Kenneth Wallace has a history of pedophilic tendencies with a preference in young teenage girls. Jennifer Flores Lamb actually confided in me that Ken made several sexual advances at her while she was a teenager and yet her outcries went ignored by her mother. Her past coupled with her own delusions are the reason she believes that the meeting between these supposed “high profile” people and their imaginary “conspiracy” really occurred although it has been proven beyond a doubt that “IT NEVER HAPPENED”. In regard to Jennifer and her hatred, sometimes behavioral patterns possessed by ones parents are passed on to their descendants. Often times the influence of a parent on a child is not that of a blessing but a curse. Perhaps in there lies the main reason behind Jennifer Flores Lambs bitterness towards “MEN”. Her twisted vindictiveness is conceivably the main reason she finds it challenging to grasp the concept that her son is in better hands with his father Andrew Mata. I have the beauty of viewing this from both sides, Jennifer is my cousin and Andrew is my husband’s uncle. I am ashamed and embarrassed at her inability to move on. She has been harboring anger for several years. Their son is happy living with his father, having what is a “true childhood”. Not a life of countless hours spent watching his mother preparing for another one of her numerous litigations against his father. No longer being exposed to watching Jennifer and David Sibley (her attorney) kiss and hold hands. Initially she obtained guardianship of her son and it remained this way for two years. I too was in the courtroom where the majority of the day was spent in a tug of war over a “manuscript” that may or may not even exist. Plain and simple Jennifer allowed David Sibley to manipulate her custody case into what seemed to be a warped trip down the “Rabbit Hole” from the story “Alice in Wonderland” despite the fact that her child was coloring and playing right outside the courtroom doors. Jennifer lost focus on the most important person “her son”. Children are a gift from God and should not to be taken for granted. Sometimes it takes a child being removed from a home of hatred and bitterness to end a generational curse. Rest assure her son is getting all the love and attention necessary to ensure a successful childhood from the one person who NEVER lost his focus, HIS FATHER.

  14. Stan Rains says:

    You are indeed one of the few brave souls to address these issues publicly.

    Judge Adams unacceptable behavior is not an isolated event. An individual as troubled as was indicated in the video of his daughter being beaten, does not have the basic humanity to protect and nurture his own child.

    About 14 months ago, I observed Judge Adams take a child from a mother all parties stated was a good mother. He then handed the child over to a State diagnosed and monitored Homicidal, Hallucinating, Heavily Medicated and Part-Time Psychotic Babysitter.

    Judge Adams did this as a favor to three attorneys who boast of their ‘unofficial partnership’ which allows them to ex parte in each others cases or to share privileged information against current opponents.

    I have documented some of the history of their collusions over the past 13 years. You can find part of one tale at:


    For a transcript of the hearing where Judge Adams stated a child in the care of a homicidal baby sitter was irrelevent can be found below.


    This transcript also covers why Judge Adams sanctioned Mr. Sibley for a subpoena requesting a copy of a book co-authored by William Dudley and William Kelly and for believing that a child had been subjected to witness tampering by Kelly, Dudley, Joubert, and other transient co-conspirators for the local judiciary and law enforcement.

    Mr. Sibley was sanctioned for issuing a subpoena for the Dudley/Kelly book he did not already have and was sanctioned for ‘no evidence’ of the meeting at a local restaurant.

    The transcript (as linked above) will show Mr. Sibley submitted restaurant and other documents and testimony of the event as follows:

    1. Testimony by two waiters, one oral and one by affidavit who who knew the child and father as regulars;

    2. the child and the waiters stated the correct number of ‘suits’ present were recalled with the father and child;

    3. the seating arrangements as testified by the child and waiters were corresponding;

    4. the meeting numbers and child presence was confirmed by the table ticket, submitted, for the correct number of persons and one child at the correct table:

    5. the table ticked confirmed the exact date and time as alleged by the child;

    6. the child’s truthfulness was corroborated in the hearing by the mother and the father;

    7. a forensic pediatric psychologist testified to interviewing the child about the meeting and to the child’s truthfulness and how the action of the meeting as alleged were extreme child abuse; and,

    9. the opposition presented nothing in rebuttal.

    Mr. David Sibley and Jennifer Mata were sanctioned for believing the child that William Dudley, William Kelly, Lynette Joubert, the Honorable Bobby Galvan (William Kelly’s very close friend), and Corpus Christi Police Sergeant Uribe (the father’s uncle) all met at a local restaurant and tried to get the child to state “Mommy touched me bad” and that he had seen his mother and her attorney in bed.

    Further the boy stated all present at the meeting told him to not let his mother touch him, again. The mother found out about the efforts of this cabal to make false criminal allegations against her when the 5 year old child refused to hold her hand while crossing a busy store parking lot.

    Mr. Sibley has fought this racketeering in the family law arena for over a decade. It appears a fortuitous event, the daughter’s video, has cast a spot light on this nest of child & family destroyers.

    And, in a humorous note, at Judge Adams recent protective order hearing, his attorney, William Dudley called Dr. Barbara Beckham and myself, “disciples” of David Sibley.

    Thanks, again, for being courageous enough to address these issues in a public forum.

  15. David Sibley says:

    Ms. Uribe,

    I have never kissed Jennifer Flores-Lamb in my life, and it seems to me that you have just confirmed the lie that was told to the child at the meeting you say never occurred because you have just repeated the lie.

    I will note that no evidence was presented of the vast majority of the hate filled allegations you make above at the trial. There was an allusion to just one.

    I don’t believe a word you say because I know of personal knowledge that you make one statement that is a total lie (which you would not have knowledge about anyway — the supposed kissing). Lanette Joubert and and William Dudley and crew made up that lie, and you are mimicking it. You are a liar just like them.

  16. David Sibley says:

    Ms. Uribe,

    This child said this happened multiple times with at least 3 on video tape and 1 on audio tape. The child said this over the course of at least 3 months (it wasn’t just an isolated occurrence — once with a District Judge and Lanette Joubert present).

    Andrew Mata according the restaurant waiters was present at the restaurant with the child on the day the child said, at the table the child said, and with roughly the number of people the child said present.

    Your husband had his GPS in his patrol car turned off at the time the meeting occurred (according to the child your husband gave the judge a ride in his patrol car to your sister’s place where the meeting continued)

    A child psychologist interviewed the child and believed the child. The meeting was not “Alice in Wonderland.”

    Your husband has undoubtedly sent people to prison on far less evidence. What is Alice in Wonderland is Judge William Adams stating the words of a perfectly credible child mean nothing (when children are believed in court and other contexts every day and in fact a parent and most professionals often have a duty to believe children — a mother who doesn’t believe her child is often characterized by CPS as a bad mother).

    It was Alice and Wonderland for Judge William Adams to sanction this mother for believing her own child.

    By the way, the child walked around the table and showed where the various people were sitting.

    We now know part of the reason Judge Adams made such atrocious rulings — William Dudley was his lawyer at the time and William Dudley was one of the people present at the meeting. He was protecting his lawyer.

    That was a huge conflict of interest and is properly characterized as fraud. Certainly, they each knew of the undisclosed conflict probably others did also.

    It is outrageous for you to suggest that the “important” people at issue would never go to such a meeting when we know “important” people in this case have totally ignored black letter law and have also acted with blatant conflict of interest.

    We also know that many if not most of them have been lying about the supposed “romantic” relationship. Further, they lied at the mediation about the law, and they represented they had special relationship with the judge (they knew what he would rule before he ruled).

    Your husband according to the best evidence available which I consider credible tried to induce the child to lie. That is a crime (soliciting perjury), and it is not “Alice in Wonderland.” There are real analogies between this situation and the Penn State and other situations currently in the news where child abusers were allowed to abuse children due to their “importance”. Your husband is not important and for that matter neither are errant lawyers and judges.

  17. David Sibley says:

    All Andrews’ brothers died violently (bar fights). Andrews’ father molested his daughter(s) most or all who have mental illness and issues. His sister who cares for the child is psychotic, homicidal, suicidal, hullucinatory, major depressive disorder, etc. Andrews’ sister who is caring for the child went running out of the courtroom together with your whole nutcase family merely because she was asked a question about her family history. Andrew filed a motion to held his ex wife in contempt because she supposedly had “camo tape,” etc. Andrew hired lawyers known to be sociopaths who routinely raise false sexual allegations which they did in this case in several forms (now increasing).

    So, a child supposedly puts ground up egg shells in another child’s milk? A grown man and woman who are married “grope” each other, and a grown man supposedly looks at pornography (which generally involves younger women). Even if true, it is him and a large percentage of men. Most of what you say is total empty nonsense even if true. Meanwhile, Andrew’s family is a total train wreck. His father is a documented pedophile (of his sister). The judge said that was irrelevant?

    The restaurant meeting was not proven false beyond a reasonable doubt. That is just a lie. You just have some vague denials and a Walmart receipt. The Walmart receipt was not produced before trial. It did not necessarily mean much at all. It was not inconsistent with the restaurant meeting. It was just on the same day roughly the same time. The time is not necessarily inconsistent. There is no proof that the car was not loaned to his sister. Like, he would really be buying fancy food items when he isn’t much of a cook at all.

    It is just a lie that the restaurant meeting was disproven beyond a reasonable doubt. It was proven false in the sense that some corrupt lawyers took the position that child testimony is meaningless (a totally fallacious legal position) and a corrupt judge agreed (in support of his lawyer — undisclosed conflict).

  18. Hallie Adams says:

    In response to: “many, many domestic abusers don’t have anger problems, and we do their victims and society no good when we send them to “Anger Management””

    Very astute Roger, that you see that. Abusers like know exactly what they are doing to control and inflict pain on others.

  19. Irma Benton says:

    It is a ashame that Jennifer and Mr Sibley continue to trashed my family for all to read without regards to what really matters your son. Your hallucinations on what is real is of a disturbed person. The jury found that those kind of charactertics are not healthy and could affect your son’s future. The jury found my brother a better custodian get over it.

    You had a very unhealthy upbringing and fell victim in your own home. You should use your time and energy to seek professional help and concentrate on your son’s future.

    You continue to bring my family in this situation because you have nothing else to fight with and you will continue because that is who you are. We have not bothered you since all this happen during the trail or after the verdict. I will not stand for you to continue harrassing us through emails and making you the victim. It is time for you to move on with your life and accept that you need to make changes. You need to get the help you need and to focus on your time with your son.

  20. Irma benton says:

    Mr Sibley, You are a total disgrace to our judicial system. You acted unprofessional and your reactions throughout the hearing were totally childlike behavior. Even in some occasions having tantrums was a total joke.
    You fail in winning the case because of your lies and manipulation of Jennifer. I will not tolerate the constant harassment you have done to my family. You are using us as your failure and won’t accept the fact that the truth got you both. Get over it!

  21. Esta Hollis says:

    Thanks HR and James. This makes it clear to me. I guess Associate Consultants, Consultants and Senior Consultants in Singapore have the same responsibilities as a UK Consultant but the difference in seniority and pay is more formalised than in the UK where everyone holds the same position as a Consultant. I guess patients would prefer to see a Senior Consultant rather than a Consultant or Associate Consultant? Can they choose the doctor they want to be treated by?

  22. David Sibley says:

    Ms. Benton,

    You will note that your family trashed Jennifer Flores-Lamb’s family first. Look at the posting above by your relative Ms. Uribe. The post was untrue and slanderous. You continue to trash her family conclusory nonsense.

    There is actual documentation that Andrew Mata’s father molested his daughter (medical documents). Old newspaper stories document how his brothers died. What is said above is factual and mostly documented.

    The jury did not find anything about Ms. Flores-Lamb’s mental health. There was no evidence suggesting any lack mental health on your her part. That is a lie. No, Ms. Joubert’s rantings are not evidence.

    In contrast, your relative has a documented history of mental illness (extreme). I tried to keep that confidential for her benefit. The judge refused.

    The jury was not allowed to hear that the caretaker for the child is homicidal, suicidal, psychotic, etc. I would say it didn’t have evidence it needed.

    The jury did not find anything other than what it considered the child’s best interests. It is a lie that it found any derogatory about Ms. Flores-Lamb at all.

    It is a lie that had tantrums during the trial. You are a liar. The truth is that your entire family ran out of the courtroom waiving their hands around in the air and wailing like a bunch of lunatics. Your family did this in response to a question that was entire appropriate (the document history of sexual abuse of a child).

    The truth is that I represented a client despite very difficult circumstances (there was obvious corruption involved). Of course, when a court says it is irrelevant that a primary care giver is homicidal, psychotic, hullucinatory, etc. there is a problem. When a Court says that a child’s outcry of abuse (including a member of your family) should simply be ignored, there is a problem. The proceeding was not even close to lawful. I am very proud of what I did, and by the way all the bar problems initiated by Joubert and Judge William Adams have been dismissed. The truth is that I have been harassed (and my client) not you’ll.

  23. Irma benton says:

    Oh, please, she was the initiator on all this and you got pulled in.
    Just add me to your Wall of Blame (blame us all).

  24. Loralie Uribe says:

    David Sibley,
    Jennifer was not trashed first in case your having trouble reading she and you for that matter mentioned my husbands name first. Order was taught in elementary and maybe you missed class that day or lost focus. All of yours and Jennifers “LIES” about my husbands family have absolutely no affect on the bond between them. Mary(Mehri)Lamb Wallace can continue to deny all the things that I mentioned above however, Jennifer, Mary, Ken, and I know it is true. And until you, David Sibley behave in a more professional manner BOTH IN AND OUT OF THE COURTROOM (most importantly in front of your clients child), NOTHING you do or say will hold any credibility. Your obviously bitter about losing your clients case due to your inability to remain focused. As far as I or anyone else who reads this is concerned, ALL your MEANINGLESS PSYCHO-BABBLE just proves everyones point.

  25. David Sibley says:

    Ms. Uribe,

    It is a total lie that I ever did anything in front of the child that was inappropriate. Your husband according to the child told the child to say that lie (together with the following: Lanette Joubert, Wiliam Dudley, William Kelly, and Judge Galvan). The child reported this criminal attempt at witness tampering.

    What followed was total corruption. You have the corrupt Judge William Adams saying that it is frivolous to believe a child (which of course is not true — total legal nonsense). You have the corrupt William Dudley saying that he is not subject to subpeona like everybody else on earth (he clearly was relevant in that the child said he committed witness tampering; he appeared voluntarily and testified about the same subject matter at trial; relevant when he wants and not when he doesn’t want; the law is whatever he wants; this is possible because he is the Judge’s lawyer; that extreme conflict of interest was never disclosed; the judge was ruling on an allegation against his own lawyer; that is corruption pure and simple).

    You have your relative and Lanette Joubert lying stating that your relative is perfectly OK except for a car accident years ago. The truth is that she has been diagnosed as homicidal, psychotic, suicidal, hullicinatory, among other things. You have the corrupt Judge William Adams stating that it is irrelevant that the this woman who is a primary care giver for the child is a homicidal psychotic, etc. (total nuts).

    You have Lanette Joubert making the insane and incoherent argument that a party should not have to produce a document unless the party requesting the document first produces it. That is total nuts.

    You have the bar association participating in the corruption. You literally have the bar association arguing that a lawyer should not believe his own client (apparently, the lawyer should sell out his client and roll over in front of opposing counsel — in this case Joubert who was falsely claiming that your psychotic relative would not be watching the child — which was not true as evidence by the fact she is doing that; her position on that changed over and over again; her position of the moment must be believed over a client).

    The hearing was totally corrupt. The judge was corrupt. The bar association was corrupt. The people at the meeting including your husband were corrupt. I choose to believe the child and I have many reasons for believing him. It is my job to believe my client and her child and I do believe them. The bar was totally corrupt in trying to intimidate to not believe them.

    You continue to repeat the lie that your husband told the child to tell at the restaurant.

    You learn well from Joubert and Dudley. Their motto is lie, lie big, and never stop lying.

    Everything about that hearing was corrupt, and a real professional does not tolerate corruption.

    The police department was obvoiusly part of the corruption. The police department produced the GPS records in an unusable form. The police department witness claimed to know nothing about the records he produced (the police department was required to produce a witness knowledgeable about the records). The records were presented by your husband in a misleading light. The truth determined later at a deposition is that your husband had turned the GPS off at the relevant time. Your husband’s patrol car was not just parked somewhere because it went from one side of the city to the other during the time the GPS was off. He misled the Court.

    I am not bitter about anything other than having being the victim of lies by a dishonest judge, a corrupt bar association, and dishonest lawyers. I hate to see corruption and that is what this case was.

  26. Stan Rains says:

    Ms. Benton and Ms. Uribe,

    I was present at two of the more horrendous hearings discussed.

    At the first, I heard your sister screaming and wailing in the courtroom and then those with her beginning to do the same in a very grotesque and bizarre manner.

    At the second, I watched Mr. Mata and his attorney openly state they would have your severely disturbed and dangerous sister, as well as very heavily medicated (when taking her medications) pick up and drop of the child at a school across town from where she lives (It is a Felony to drive DUI and to do so with a minor child in the car)and to watch after the child 6 days a week for at least 12 hours each day (again, Felony Child Endangerment).

    I heard your own brother, on this second date, to state that Jennifer, the mother, was good mother. But, that he wanted his sister, to be his son’s “new mother”. This sister had been frequently, and at that time, recently, hospitalized by the State of Texas for the safety of the general public and herself to mental institutions.

    The medications she is ordered to take, when she takes them, are so massive and strong as to prevent her from consciously watching a child or safely driving, much less a young active boy for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. That is a task that can be trying for any adult, much less for a woman who is not safe for herself or the general public for that long without massively potent medications.

    I was there. I have the transcript. I heard the testimonies. I watched the drama queens in your family at work during and after the trial.

    I have the tapes of the boy testifying, even after being in the father’s and his sisters’ custody of hate for months telling Judge Alcala of the meeting just as clearly and as consistently as he did immediately after the restaurant meeting. This from a boy of 6 or 7.

    Hiding skeletons in closets is one of the first indicators that family dysfunction is continuing unabated from your parents through you, and now, sadly to your own children and innocent nephew.

    Step forward, put the abusive family history away, and begin to heal and move forward into a much healthier life for your children and grandchildren. You must face truth first. Read the transcripts. View the video of the child testifying. These are public record in the Aransas Co. Courthouse.

  27. Hallie Adams says:

    Hillary and I seek to help other emotionally and physically abused women and children. Unfortunately, I,like so many other abused women, got involved in another abusive relationship after I divorced. Don’t be like me! If you are in a relationship and do not know if you are being abused or not, please read the book, Toxic Men, or Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft. You can also contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have or please respond to my comments here. If you have met Topcat183 or John D. Barrera online, please know that I broke up with him for being abusive to me in 2011 and that his comments that he has posted are false.

  28. Irma benton says:

    Stan Rains, What hearing did you go to? You must have written your own manuscript. Unfortunately, you seem to be another delusional individual that we must protect our children from. It does not surprise me that a pack of the same rotten seed exists. You can say all you want even if you have to make things up. Justice was given to a child who deserved a better environment and a parent who WILL bring him up as a normal human being. I don’t need a copy of the manuscript I know what happen, I was there and have made my own conclusions.

  29. Irma benton says:

    Ms Uribe you are indeed courageous in coming forward and discussing this delicate subject regarding child abyse. It is not your fault what happen to you and other members in your family. You were a victim in your own home with whom you felt safe and protected. I believe the best medicine there is, is to confront your abusers. To heal is to talk about it and understand you did nothing wrong. The physical and mental abuse  by tormentors can leave us  with scars way into our adulthood. There are many isolated cases that are not reported until it is too late for the victim. You have cut the chain and by coming forward you have help others know that there is help out there for the victim. Sadly, these individuals are in denial and until they accept the fact that they have a problem this abuse will continue way into another generation. This must end now and we must protect our children from these individuals who should not have children in the first place. You have decided to move on with your life which is a sign of healing and faith. Finally, family support is of great importance that bond will forever give you peace .

  30. Christiana says:

    After reading all the post I find the posts by Ms. Uribe and Ms Benton to be a bit raving. I will be looking at the court transcripts.

  31. David Sibley says:

    She may be a victim of child abuse but she is also a child abuser herself. She is clearly in support of the corruption that occurred that day in the Courtroom of the corrupt Judge William Adams.A child made an outcry of horrific child abuse and the child’s outcry was corruptly squelched and the mother and her lawyer attacked for believing the child. The fact that the William Dudley was the Judge’s attorney, Uribe’s husband is a cop, etc. shows in part why corruption happened. Ms. Uribe is clearly a liar, and her lie conforms to the child. She says above that I had kissed the child’s mother which is a total lie and which is one of the things the child was told to lie about. Her husband has integrity issues also because he totally misrepresented GPS records at the hearing. The truth is tat the GPS in his patrol car was turned off at the time even though the car was in motion during the relevant time as established by deposition.

    Asking the child to lie was a vicious crime. Covering it up with lies was also a vicious crime. It was corruption. Judge William Adams is corrupt. The judicial conduct commission is corrupt. Tom Cunninghma is corrupt. This child’s statements were recorded multiple times in multiple circumstances including byit a child psychologist and with a district judge present. There was third party corroboration for what the child said.

    Judge William Adams lied about the law (it is not frivolous to believe a child). He is corrupt because he made this ruling in favor of his own lawyer (an undisclosed conflict of interest). The judicial conduct commission is corrupt (Tom Cunningham lied in the opinion he wrote stating that Judge William Adams makes reasoned fair decision when he knows for a fact that is not true – Judge William Adams attacked a mother for believing her child and her lawyer for believing her and her child. That is just corruption pure and simple. The bar is corrupt also because it joined the corrupt bandwagon particularly James Ehler and Marie Haspil.

  32. David Sibley says:

    When a mother cannot defend her child from child abuse revealed by the child, something is very wrong.

    The corrupt Marie Haspil not only attacked the mother’s lawyer for believing the child but for believing the mother. That of course is nonsense. Of course, the mother ended up being right (the mentally ill woman did watch the child just as she had always when the father was at work — the lie that she wouldn’t watch the child was started when her mental health issues were revealed (despite the corrupt ruling of Judge William Adams trying to squelch this obviously information).

    The hearing was corrupt from top to bottom. The mother was allowed to subpoena obviously relevant witnesses for example. LAnette Joubert and Mr. Uribe’s relative flat out lied stating that the mentally ill woman was perfectly OK. The hearing was so corrupt that the corrupt Judge William Adams didn’t care about that misrepresentation but was angered by the truth (as established by MHMR Records including admissions by the mentally ill woman of various conditions and events).

    It is sickening that our legal system is corrupt from top to bottom. Tom A. Cunningham is arguably the highest official in the State Judicial (he is chairman of the entity that judges the judges), and he is a liar. He personally heard the testimony about the corrupt rulings of Judge William Adams at the Sunset Commission hearing for the Judicial Conduct Commission. Yet, he writes a dishonest opinion representing that there is consensus that Judge William Adams makes fair reasoned decisions. He knows that is not true, and he lied.

  33. David Sibley says:

    Correction. The mother waa not alloweed to subpeona obviously relevant witnesses. She was attacked for example for subpeonaing the individuals identified by the child as having asked him to lie. The corrupt Judge William Adams thwarted the truth at every turn. He corruptly lied about the law, and he corruptly attacked the mother for trying to defend herself and her child.

  34. David Sibley says:

    Stanley Rains’ descriptions of the hearings are accurate. The only thing I don’t remember is your brother saying that he wanted his sister (the mentally ill woman) to be the child’s new mother. I don’t remember him saying that using those words, but he and his lawyer did definitely say that using different words (they lied stating that the mentally ill woman was essentially the mother of the child since birth when in truth she cared for the child when the child’s parents were working — she was a child care provider). They suggested that the mentally ill woman was a better mother than the real mother. The truth is that the mentally ill woman was unable to care for the child for a substantial time due to her “breakdown” which is how the mother learned of the mental health issues. The point is I agree that in substance your brother said he wanted the mentally ill woman to be the child’s new mother, but I don’t think he said that in those words.

  35. David Sibley says:

    By the way, if she abused, it obviously wasn’t the nonsense she sets forth above. That is obviously Dudley / Joubert / corrupt judge william adams lies. It is twisting
    Judge William Adams is a devious liar just like the corrupt lawyers and litigants that he supports. At the same time, as these hearings, he sends his ex wife a text message saying I am a danger to her and his child, etc. That is a total lie without any factual basis whatsoever. I have never hurt any child ever, etc.

    You just have shameless lying all the 2way around, and one thing is for sure is that there was never anythying even remotely resembling a fair hearing.

  36. David Sibley says:

    John Barrera of course deserves honorable mention also. Hallie still has the text message where he says he will conspire with judge adams to hurt her (she had broken up with him). He did in fact show up to testify against Hallie, post various things various places, give intimate pictures to judge adams, etc. He is part of the club also

  37. David Sibley says:

    Isn’t is strange. These people say they would never ever tell the child to lie about his mother and her lawyer, and it is frivolous therefor to believe the child. Yet, Ms. Uribe repeats above one of the same lies as the child said he was told to say (some type of sexual or romantic involvement between the mother and her lawyer). That was a total lie, and there was no evidence to support it. It was just a lie. No, lawyer and client eating at a restaurant together is not evidence of sex or romance. That is the same kind of lying done in the Stanley Rains case by these same lying lawyers (William Dudley and Lanette Joubert — they called him a pedophile because he took his child to the park and smiled for example). These lawyers take nothing and then start lying. In this case, they told the child to lie, to assist their lying behaviors.

    Isn’t it interesting that the corrupt Judge William Adams says it is frivolous to believe that lawyers and a judge would do something devious yet he then sends a devious text message to his ex wife obviously trying to stir up trouble (she lives near me and he told her to call the police if she saw me). There is some fairness in karma when it comes out that he is truly the violent and abusive individual. He is also deceitful in many ways as evidenced by his dealings with his daughters and his ex wife which would require a book to document.

  38. victor uribe says:

    Irma you are mistaken and wrong by saying that Loralie was a victim in her own home. Her mother never did the things that were mentioned above. Her homw was always a place of nurturing upbringing. You are assuming she is talking about her home life when infact she is talking about when she was being babysat. Her mother was unaware that theses incidents were occurring while leaving her in the care of her Aunt Mary and if she would have known she would never have left her there. Her mother, in their home, has always nurtured her during her childhood and she has always felt safe at home.

  39. victor uribe says:

    David Sibly I believe you are the child abuser here. Loralie is not the child abuser but a nurturing mother to her children and other people’s children. The way you ramble on this website and on the Corpus Christi Caller Times website would drive anyone crazy to hear you in person. The poor child you say you defended must have gone through a terrible abuse hearing you over and over if you rabble this much typing out comments, I can only imagine what comes out of your mouth unedited. You being the supposed adult have manipulated a child you say you defended. After the child was hearing you ramble for who knows how many hours and days I’m sure he would repeat and say anything you wanted to hear to make you stop (much like captives of war are tortured until they admit to crimes they have never committed to make the torture stop). That being the case I’m sure a case of mental child abuse could be brought up against you because mental child abuse is against the law. It’s saddening that you call yourself and attorney, you are the reason attorneys get a bad rap by the sour odor you leave behind. I hope you never have a child to abuse and use for your own purposes again like you did during your court case you describe. I was there and the court proceedings were not about the best interest of the child but your anger over “a book” supposedly written about tactics to use in court that you believed were used against you in a previous court case (like you have said its all there in court document records). Anyone who starts to read the court records will have to read a whole day of you wanting to locate this magic book that was used against you in a previous case rather than focusing on your client’s court case. You obviously have no idea how to be an attorney because you don’t know what your ever talking about.

  40. David Sibley says:

    Victor Uribe, you have no basis to say that. You are an officer of the law but you are a despicable liar. You have no basis to say I abused any child or I manipulated any child. That is groundless and dishonest. You sat on the witness stand and misrepresented the GPS records. The fact is that you had your GPS off The Corpus Christi Police Department concealed evidence by presenting GPS records in indecipherable form but it was later cleared up at deposition. The fact is that this child said he was told to lie about his mother and you were there. This was verified by a child psychologist who also interviewed the child. The restaurant waiters confirmed the meeting occurred. You are a liar just like Judge William Adams (it is a lie that the outcries of abuse by children should be ignored). The fact that you outright lie in post above with no factual ground at all supports that you are fully capable of the criminal conduct that the child said you committed (solicitation of perjury). You are a disgrace as a law enforcement officer as you make ugly dishonest allegations unsupported by any evidence at all (just like the child said you died and just like you did in your post above) The child didn’t hear me ramble on about any such thing. You are dishonest despicable corrupt liar just making things up. There is no factual basis for saying I manipulated the child. You, sir, are despicable liar. You are corrupt and dishonest and there is no factual basis for what you say at all You son of a bitch. I was representing that mother pro bono and her child revealed a crime committed by you (solicitation of perjury). It is entirely believable that you would do that based on your lies about. You are clearly a dishonest individual who lies. I was not angry about a book, I sought discovery of a book. That is entire normal. I was abused at that hearing. I was attacked for believing a child who made an outcry of horrific child abuse. I had a duty to not ignore what the child said. The child’s statements were corroborated in any number of ways including a child psychologist, restaurant waiters, and the fact that the child was being asked to lie in ways designed to support lies already in progress (the lie that I was sexually involved with the child’s mother). Your wife repeated that same lie above. You dumb ass lawyers are supposed to obtain professional writings of professional witnesses. As relevant here, Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and Judge William Adams were all lying in concert that it is frivolous to believe a child. That is just a corrupt lie, and obviously professional writings on the topic would not have said that and would have been useful. The book wasn’t magic. You are disgrace, ad it is very scary to realize that a despicable liar and fabricator like you is an officer of the law.

  41. David Sibley says:

    A lawyer submits evidence on behalf of his client. This client’s child told her that he was being asked to lie in ways that could put her in prison. I had a duty to present that evidence. I would not have been representing her if I did not. It is not my job to conceal or manufacture evidence. It is not my job to ignore evidence. I know cops do that kind of stuff and that is corrupt. The problem is that you are corrupt. You are obviously a liar, and you are a cop. Judge William Adams is corrupt. His position was essentially that his friends would never do such a thing. It is now known that one on of the criminals as described by the child was his personal lawyer. Yes, not only would his friends to bad things but he would as we all know now. It was total and complete corruption and cover up. Your lying behavior above just shows you are capable of doing what the child said you did. It is horrific child abuse what the child described as per a child psychologist. You were there according to the child, and there was never anything close to a real hearing on the evidence. It was just corruption. “I dare you believe that child” because we (Judge Adams, his friends, and you) would never do such a thing. You are above the law. In a sense, yes, but you are above the law in the corrupt sense. You are dishonest and corrupt and you are a liar You have no basis what you say at all.

  42. David Sibley says:

    We don’t have real courts in Texas any more? A group of people according to the child gets together and ask the child to lie about his mother. Because those people are friends to the judge, a police officer, and a judge, the mother cannot address the issue in Court? That is called corruption. And, you sir are part of the corruption. The corruption here as it usually does has spread to all different areas. Corruption is a cancer that grows

  43. David Sibley says:

    The corruption clearly spread to Marie Haspil and James Ehler. Lanette Jouber had been presenting the homicidal psychotic as a wonderful care giver even better than the actual mother. Lanette Joubert lied stating that this woman was perfectly OK. Judge Adams worked to help conceal the truth (consistent with his status as a thoroughly corrupt judge). We discovered the truth anyway through MHMR records. No, you’ll would never lie? You’ll got caught red handed lying about the woman’s condition. The corrupt Lanette Joubert changed her story and took the position that the homicidal psychotic would not be watching the child after the MHMR records came out. Of course, that was a lie. My client said she would be watching the child. The corrupt Marie Ehler took the position that I should not believe my own client. Imagine that? A lawyer not only should not believe his client’s child but he should not believe his client. Of course, my client was right. The trial wasn’t even over 5 minutes and it was announced that the child would be at the homicidal psychotic’s house. It was total corruption for Marie Haspil to attack me for believing my own client who had never lied especially when Lanette Joubert and everybody on the opposing side including the judge were endlessly lying. The case was totally corrupt. Essentially, according to the corrupt Marie Haspil, I shouldn’t have represented my client. If Joubert says Aunt Eva is OK, well she is Ok regardless of the truth. If Joubert says Aunt Eva won’t be watching the child, well, she won’t be watching the child regardless of the truth. If Joubert and crew say the child is not believable, well the child is not believable, again, regardless of the truth That child was highly believable for a lot of reasons. The entire thing was complete corruption including you

  44. David Sibley says:

    One more thing. I am not scared of the uniform you disgracefully wear or your gun. i won’t bow down to dishonesty and corruption regardless. I did what was right. I was representing a client who needed representation. You know what I am making a difference in the world even if it is just ripples but those ripples will make a difference. There is nothing worse than for good men to do nothing in the face of total evil because it empowers the evil. I haven’t stopped the evil but I have had an effect. I am not going let corrupt people even those with uniforms and guns or other types of power bully me. I stand for what is right and I did what was right. You continue to lie and act corruptly. You say I am a child abuser and manipulator without one shred of evidence to that effect. I had videos, I had a child psychologist, I had restaurant waiters, and I had lots of facts and circumstances. You are just maliciously lying, and the lie is similar to the lie that started all this. According to the child, he was asked to lie about child abuse that never happened (e.g. his mother touched “him”), and now you are impugning me with child abuse that never happened. No, you would never falsely accuse anyone of child abuse (sarcasm). You just did. The corrupt Judge Adams sent his ex wife a text message lying about me stating I was a danger to his child. That is kind of funny given the video that came out. I have never done anything violent to a child in my life nor have I ever been accused of such and Judge William Adas was a malicious bald face liar just like you just making malicious lies up. I never did anything violent to an adult either since I was in the Army some 30 years ago and that was a pathetic attempt at violence which basically made me the joke of the platoon and had the drill sgt laughing at me. Yes, my ex wife made accusation some 10 years ago during divorce but not relative to any child rather relative to her and it went nowhere typical divorce stuff. You and Judge Adams and the others are liars.

  45. David Sibley says:

    You are on some kind of drug task force? Yep, Judge Adams according to his ex wife has long time drug abuse issues and has attended drug rehabilitation programs. You know I have just as much evidence to say that you are Judge Adams’ drug supplier (or protector) as you have to call me a child abuser. It doesn’t take smarts to spread lies unsupported by facts just lack of ethics, and you sir are unethical

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