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Comments on the Jordan Johnson Rape Case: The Way We Still Think

Below are a handful of comments from one single Montana Missoulian news story on the Jordan Johnson rape case which concluded with an acquittal this week. The overwhelming majority of commenters sided with the defendant based on the type of ignorance, myth and misinformation seen below. In one case a survivor of rape while in college claimed that “Jane Doe” (complainant) wasn’t a valid victim because Doe’s reactions weren’t the same as those she had.

If this sample of the commenting, news-reading public was reflective of the jury pool that decided the case, the prosecution never had a chance.

“If he had man handled her the way she says, she would have had clear bruising on her torso, and if it penetrated her where she said, the rape kit would definitely have shown massive trauma. The facts just don’t add up.”

“If a girl doesn’t want to risk getting raped, then don’t put yourself in a dicey situation. She knew he was possibly drunk, then picked him up and hung out by themselves. What would THAT tell any guy?” 

“Bottom line: Two stupid people” 

“I must have missed something. I would like to know how you can claim rape when you have two male roommates, whom you should trust, next door and you don’t scream. They must be making the walls in rental houses more sound proff than they used to. When I was in college my roommates would have had their water glass plastered against the wall so they wouldn’t miss the action.” 

“If a woman/girl does not want to ‘invite’ trouble, you do NOT make a conscious effort to pick up a drunk guy and then take him back to your place to be together. Any guy would definitely call that a direct invitation to do more, not too mention nobody knows what their prior history is either. There’s always been PLENTY of ditzy, stupid, girls trying to ‘bag’ the hot sports jock as well. Lesson to be learned: some people have to STOP putting themselves in bad situations in the first place. Both of these idiots made the same bad decision under a jointly dumb circumstance. He wasn’t her boyfriend, they weren’t dating, he was clearly cheating, and she didn’t care that he was intoxicated. Case closed.” 

“I think these people [advocates, medical personnel, police] “pushed” her into bringing this to court. What started out as a young lady feeling “jilted” or “used” telling a small fib, quickly snowballed. These “advocates” had an agenda. They believed that football players got special treatment, and felt “privileged”. They wanted to put a stop to that.” 

“I am a 64 year old grandma I would not want my grandaughter raped and I would not want my grandson falsely accused of rape. I can say from my perspective he did not commit rape according to Montana law. He did commit stupidity. Please let this young man go and make something of his life. Ms Doe just own up and take responsibility.” 

“Based on the testimony that I have read thus far, I would characterize the events of that evening as a “BAD DATE” for both parties.” 

“I hope this is a lesson for all you guys out there. Make the gals sign a contract before going on too bigger and better things. Don’t complicate your life.”

Indeed, “gals.” Maybe a contract will stop you from being raped. Maybe “better behavior.”

Failing that, if you are raped, your body had better showcase it in terms of “massive trauma” that we all know always manifests itself. And you’d better react the way the world around you damn well believes you should. If you don’t, we’ll call you stupid, jilted, bitter, foolish, greedy, crazy. A liar.

Yeah, that’s right. You’re better off keeping quiet.