Roger Canaff is a recognized legal and public policy expert on the prevention of sexual abuse and violent assaults against women and children.

Roger is experienced in the prosecution of violent and sexual criminals, and believes that, to effectively fight violence and abuse against women and children, we must change our current thinking about how we prevent and prosecute these crimes.  Without such changes, our society’s institutions will not only fail, but will continue to unwittingly aid those who commit these crimes.

As a consultant and speaker, Roger shares his expertise directly with clients and audiences across the world.  For more information on how to engage his consulting or speaking services, please contact Roger here.

Selected prior speaking engagements

Keynote Speaker: “Victim Services and Threats Posed by Repeat Offenders in College and University Environments.” Cedar Falls, IA. Sponsor: University of Northern Iowa Center for Violence Prevention, Cedar Falls, IA.

Keynote Speaker: “Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Strategies for Investigation and Prosecution.” Oxford, MS. Sponsor, University of Mississippi Center for Violence Prevention, Oxford, MS.

Presenter:  “Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault on Campus:  Myths and Challenges.”  Honolulu, Hawaii.  Sponsor:  California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Sacramento, CA.

Keynote Speaker: “Coordinated Community Response Training.” San Francisco, CA. Sponsor: California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Sacramento, CA.

Presenter: “Non-Stranger Sexual Assault: Investigation and Prosecution.” Williamsburg, VA. Sponsor: Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney Service Council, Williamsburg, VA.

Presenter: “Trial Counsel Assistance Program Outreach.” Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq. Sponsor: Trial Counsel Assistance Program, US Army Legal Services, Washington, DC.

Presenter Presenter: End Violence Against Women, International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Stalking, Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsor: End Violence Against Women, International, Washington, DC.

Presenter: “Childproof: Advanced Child Abuse Training for Prosecutors.” National Advocacy Center, Columbia, SC. Sponsor: National District Attorney’s Association, National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, Alexandria, VA.

Presenter: “Forensic Investigations Training ; Corroboration in Child Abuse Cases; and, Sexual Assault Nurse Examination Testimony Training.”  Kansas City, MO. Sponsor: St Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO.

Presenter: “Trial Advocacy Training, Cross-Examination Strategies in Sexual Assault Cases.” US Air Force Legal Center and School, Montgomery, AL

Presenter: “Sexual Assault Nurse Examination Training,” U.S. Army Medical Command, Heidelberg, Germany.