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Iowa, and 47

The Cedar River at sunset, Waterloo, Iowa, after a child abuse prosecution training last week. The one (and perhaps only) important thing I didn’t have to learn the hard way is this:  Never fail to appreciate small moments and simple beauty. A railroad crossing, a grain elevator, a farm stand, an AME Baptist Church. At 47, […]

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Copperhead Road: A Novel CopperheadRoad.BookCover

Copperhead Road is a character driven, psychological thriller about the extremities of the human spirit and the power of friendship. As a former special victims prosecutor and a victim of chronic child sexual abuse, there are touches of my personal story in this book, but it’s more an amalgamation of the thousands of cases and brave children I’ve encountered over the years. This book is for them, and every boy and girl still silent, helpless, and alone. Thanks for taking a look.

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